Noctua NF-A14 ULN ( 140x140x25mm )

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L14 Noctua NF-A14 ULN ( 140x140x25mm )
L14 Noctua NF-A14 ULN ( 140x140x25mm )
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Recommended accessories
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LK Phobya 4Pin PWM auf 3Pin Transformer Single
Phobya 4Pin PWM auf 3Pin Transformer Single
The NF-A14 is a quiet 140mm premium fan with a square AAO (Advanced Acoustic Optimisation)... more
Product information

The NF-A14 is a quiet 140mm premium fan with a square AAO (Advanced Acoustic Optimisation) frame. Its square shape and 140mm mounting holes (124.5mm hole spacing) make it an excellent choice for use on water cooling radiators or as a case fan. Thanks to advanced aerodynamic design measures such as Flow Acceleration Channels, the NF-A14 achieves even better silent cooling performance than the award-winning NF-P14. The ULN version, with its super-slow speed options (800/650rpm), enables almost silent operation and is therefore perfect for ultra-low noise applications and particularly noise-sensitive users. Its superb running smoothness, the SSO2 reference class bearing and Noctua's proven premium quality make the NF-A14 ULN a top solution for the highest demands.

Successor to the multiple test winner NF-P14
Noctua's NF-P14 has become a standard solution for PC enthusiasts who require premium quality 140mm fans. Thanks to extensive aerodynamic optimizations, the NF-A14 achieves even higher static pressure and a further improved airflow-to-noise ratio compared to its renowned predecessor.
Square 140mm frame
With its square frame and 140mm mounting holes (124.5mm hole spacing), the NF-A14 is an ideal premium upgrade for standard 140mm case fans. At the same time, it is perfect for use on 140mm water cooling radiators, where the square shape guarantees complete coverage of the cooling fins and thus the best pressure performance.
Flow Acceleration Channels
The impeller of the NF-A14 is equipped with so-called flow acceleration channels on the suction side. By accelerating the air flow in the critical outer regions of the fan blades, vortex shedding on the suction side is reduced, which leads to higher efficiency and lower turbulence-related noise emissions.
AAO frame system
Noctua's AAO (Advanced Acoustic Optimisation) frames feature integrated vibration buffers as well as a stepped inlet area (Stepped Inlet Design) and an inner surface microstructure that enables even better performance/noise efficiency.
Stepped Inlet Design
The stepped inlet area of the Stepped Inlet Design creates more turbulence in the inlet. This facilitates the transition from laminar to turbulent flow, which adheres better to the frame (flow attachment) and thus increases the suction capacity of the fan, especially when the intake area is limited.
Inner Surface Microstructures
The Inner Surface Microstructures create a boundary layer through which the tips of the fan blades move. This reduces flow separation from the suction side of the blade tips, resulting in a significant reduction in rotational noise and an increase in pressure and airflow efficiency.
Integrated anti-vibration pads
The anti-vibration pads are made of extra-soft silicone and reduce the transmission of even the smallest vibrations. They are also compatible with all standard screws, commercially available mounting systems and fan clips used on CPU coolers.
SSO2 bearing
The NF-A14 is equipped with the further optimized second generation of Noctua's proven SSO bearing system. With SSO2, the rear magnet is positioned closer to the fan axis for even better stabilization, resulting in further improved precision and durability.
Metal bearing shell
In order to guarantee the greatest possible degree of manufacturing precision, minimal tolerances and excellent long-term stability, the NF-A14 uses a CNC-milled bearing shell made of brass.
Smooth Commutation Drive 2
The latest, advanced version of Noctua's SCD drive system guarantees outstanding smoothness by eliminating torque fluctuations and switching noise. This makes the NF-A14 astonishingly quiet even at close range.
2 speed options for maximum smoothness
The ULN (Ultra-Low-Noise) version offers 800rpm and 650rpm settings via the included adapter, making it perfect for silent enthusiasts who demand super-slow speeds and minimal noise.
Comprehensive connection options
While the 20cm short primary cable helps to avoid cable clutter in typical applications, the included 30cm extension offers extra reach for all occasions. Both cables are fully sheathed and a 3:4-pin adapter enables direct connection to the power supply.
Particularly low power consumption
Despite its further improved performance, the power consumption of the NF-A14 ULN is only 0.48W. This means that the fan is not only environmentally friendly, but also helps you reduce your electricity bill!
6 year manufacturer warranty
Noctua fans are known for their impeccable quality and outstanding durability. Like all Noctua fans, the NF-S12A has an MTBF specification of over 150,000 hours and comes with a full 6-year manufacturer's warranty.

Technical data:
Dimensions: 140x140x25
Bearing type: SS02-Bearing
Power consumption: 0.48W / 12V
Lifespan: >150,000 hours

NF-A14 ULN without adapter with LNA
Max. rotation speed (+/-10%) 800 RPM 650 RPM
Max. volume flow 79.8 m³/h 66.4 m³/h
Max. noise level 11.9 dB(A) 9.1 dB(A)
Max. static pressure 0.69mmH2O 0.42mmH2O

data sheet

Scope of delivery:
1x NF-A14 ULN 140mm Premium Fan
1x Low Noise Adapter (LNA)
1x 3:4 pin adapter
1x 30cm cable extension
4x Vibration Compensators
4x fan screws

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Größe: 140mm
dimensions: 140 x 140 x 25mm
Nennspannung: 12V DC
Lebensdauer (bei 25°C): 150.000 h
RPM Signalübertragung: Ja
LED: nicht vorhanden
manufacturer: Noctua
Stromanschluss: 3Pin
Lautstärkebereich: 10 - 19,9 dB(A)
Luftförderbereich: 50 - 99 m³/h
Nenndrehzahlbereich: 0 - 950 U/min
input: 0,48W
Farbe Rotor: braun
Nenndrehzahl: 800 U/min
Druck: 0,69mm H2O
Luftförderleistung: 79,8 m³/h
Lautstärke: 11,9 dB(A)
Farbe Rahmen: braun
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