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MKA Phobya Flex Sleeve 3mm (1/8") UV-blau 1m EOL
Phobya Flex Sleeve 3mm (1/8") UV blue 1m
MKA Phobya Flex Sleeve 3mm (1/8") UV-weiß 1m EOL
Phobya Flex Sleeve 3mm (1/8") UV white 1m
MKA Alphacool AlphaCord Sleeve 4mm - 3,3m (10ft) - Charcoal Grey (Paracord 550 Typ 3) 330cm
Alphacool AlphaCord Sleeve 4mm - 3,3m...
MKA Phobya Flex Sleeve 3mm (1/8") schwarz 1m EOL
Phobya Flex Sleeve 3mm (1/8") black 1m
MKA Alphacool AlphaCord Sleeve 4mm - 3,3m (10ft) - Black (Paracord 550 Typ 3) 330cm
Alphacool AlphaCord Sleeve 4mm - 3,3m...
KAB Alphacool RGB 4pol LED Adapterkabel für Mainboards - Schwarz 100cm EOL
Alphacool RGB 4pol LED adapter cable for...
SZ Alphacool Aurora HardTube LED Ring 16mm Deep Black - Blau EOL
Alphacool Aurora HardTube LED ring 16mm deep...
KAB Alphacool Verbindungskabel 3Pin auf 3pol Digital RGB - 15cm
Alphacool connection cable 3pin to 3pol...
MKA Phobya Flex Sleeve 3mm (1/8") UV-grün 1m EOL
Phobya Flex Sleeve 3mm (1/8") UV green 1m
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Case Modding

PC case modding is the opportunity for PC enthusiasts to live out their individuality and creativity and turn your PC components into a truly unique item. With the huge selection of flexlights, coloured coolant, LEDs and many other expansion options, you will find everything you need for case modding your PC at Aquatuning. Discover the variety of products from Aquatuning.

What is Case Modding for PCs?

Case modding has something to do with mood and individuality. The standard off-the-shelf PC was yesterday, as were the times when the case of a PC was only there to hold the individual modules and components together. Today, individual systems can be created through ever new case modding ideas. Whether shape, colour or size: everything can be individualised, adapted and optimised in PC hardware modding! There are no limits to the imagination of every user. In national and international competitions, PC case modding enthusiasts can team up and compete with each other in modding cases.

Large selection of products for PC modding

You can find the latest modding trends in the PC Case Modding Shop from Aquatuning! In addition to the topicality of the range, Aquatuning is also characterised by a very large selection of PC modding products. Whether artistic lighting by LEDs, flexlights and bend lights or further accessories such as cable ties or spiral tubes: At Aquatuning you will find everything you need for your PC hardware modding! There are no limits to the possibilities. Use additional fans in unusual colour trends to optimally regulate the air-cooling of your computer. Your computer runs with water cooling? Then you can also use coloured coolant. The coloured fluids make for a real visual highlight! The expansion tank of your water-cooling system can also be replaced with a versatile design and your computer can shine in a new light. Also replace your case or side window with a viewing window made of acrylic glass or Plexiglas and set accents with the placement of LEDs and flexlights that perfectly showcase the inner workings of your PC. As you can see: The choice of products for computer modding is incredibly large. But if you have a choice, you'll be spoilt for choice. We would be happy to help you choose the components you need for modding your PC. Contact us by phone at +49 (0) 5207 95846 140 or by e-mail at

Case modding on the PC: What you should keep in mind

Before you start redesigning your PC, you should know the dimensions of the components to be processed. PC modding enclosures come in different formats and designs. In order not to experience a sad awakening after the delivery of your modding components, the dimensions of the hardware components to be styled should be known. This way, you can order the components in our PC Modding Shop that fit your enclosure and make PC modding perfect!

Case modding ideas: These components are suitable for computer modding

There are various components in a PC that can be upgraded through targeted tuning. These include the following parts, among others:

  • The case
    When it comes to PC modding, the focus is on the case. Many fans of the subject tune it up more and more in order to get a real unique specimen. In our Case Modding Shop you will find the necessary components.
  • The lighting
    The modding PC is set in scene very well with targeted lighting. LEDs can be attached to various components. These work very reliably and energy-saving and last for many years. Some of the strips can even be controlled via the mainboard.
  • The cables/connections
    With the right accessories, the cables and connections in the gaming PC can also be highlighted very well. Thus, they also play a very important role in PC modding.
  • Colour of the water-cooling liquid
    Coloured liquids around the water-cooling system look particularly good when case modding. In our shop you will find many versions of the latter. Enhance them even further by colouring the water. We are also the right contact for this.

Case Modding: Important Information

First of all, PC modding is a very versatile and interesting hobby. But before starting, a few points should be considered. Among other things, this includes finding out what the dimensions of the individual components are. It is also best to ask us if you want to install new parts. Our experts always know whether they will fit in your PC. To do this, we need the article designation of the enclosure. You should therefore have this to hand. Many things are possible and permitted when it comes to case modding. Browse through our shop at your leisure and let us advise you without an account if you have any questions. By the way, in addition to the components already mentioned, peripheral devices can also be modded, such as the mouse, keyboard and speakers.

Aquatuning - your PC modding shop

Aquatuning stands for a wide range of products and high quality - both in modding and in all other product areas. You can always rely on the competent advice of our experts - both in the run-up to the purchase in the form of detailed purchase advice and in the case of support. Contact us with any questions about the modding range or our other products: by phone at +49 (0) 5207 95846 140 or by e-mail at Once you have found what you are looking for in our wide range of PC modding products, you can choose from a number of different payment methods, including PayPal, credit card and purchase on account. We are also happy to offer you the option of financing. Thanks to our expanded warehouse capacities, we are able to keep a large part of the products in stock and thus guarantee a quick delivery of your order for PC hardware modding. The modding parts are shipped either via DHL, GLS or UPS. You can also collect your order from us. This will not incur any costs for you. Take advantage of the Aquatuning Modding Shop and order the parts for your PC modding today!