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aquacomputer cuplex kryos NEXT VARIO with VISION AM4 / 3000, nickel / nickel

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The cuplex kryos NEXT represents a new milestone in the development of CPU water coolers. Every... more
Product information

The cuplex kryos NEXT represents a new milestone in the development of CPU water coolers. Every detail has been analyzed, optimized and tested in order to achieve perfection in the areas of cooling performance, assembly and range of functions. The result is not just a CPU cooler that sets new standards in cooling performance - an entire model family covers a spectrum of color and equipment variants. A unique feature of CPU water coolers in the VARIO models is a base plate that can be deformed during operation - never before has a CPU cooler been able to be set for optimum fit to the CPU during operation. The models with the VISION module are equipped with powerful electronics: a high-resolution OLED display, integrated water temperature measurement and USB interface are just three examples of the range of functions.

Radiator floor with micro structure
The cooler base of the cuplex kryos NEXT is equipped with an extremely fine microstructure, the structure width is less than 200 µm. The coolant flows through a flat nozzle integrated in the cooler housing into the center of the microstructure and is discharged from there in two directions. The cooler base is made of copper, nickel-plated copper or .925 sterling silver, depending on the cooler variant.

Bracket system
The cuplex kryos NEXT mounting system consists of solid stainless steel sheets 2.5 mm thick, into which nickel-plated spring cups are pressed. Knurled screws and springs attach the cooler to the mainboard; when assembled, the holding system looks very tidy due to the spring cups and the low height. All bracket variants have a defined stop for optimal contact pressure and force distribution. The knurled screws can be assembled by hand, in addition, a hexagon socket drive allows easy assembly.

The cooler variants for socket 115x or AM3 are equipped with a backplate with a silicone cover, which additionally stabilizes the mainboard. With socket 2011 or AM4, a backplate is already part of the mainboard processor socket, an additional backplate is not required here.

When using the AM4 / 3000 bracket variant, the heat sink is not positioned centrally on the CPU, but is slightly offset off-center in accordance with the modified internal structure of the Ryzen 3000 CPU series for optimal heat dissipation.

Every cuplex kryos NEXT comes with excellent heat-conducting paste for optimal performance. It is 0.5 grams of Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut, packaged in a syringe for easy use. A plastic spatula for application is also included. The paste has a high thermal conductivity and, thanks to its low viscosity, is distributed very well between the CPU and the water cooler during assembly. The quantity supplied is sufficient for approx. Five assemblies of the cooler.

VARIO: Adjustable geometry of the radiator floor
The VARIO versions of the cuplex kryos NEXT allow the cooler floor geometry to be changed using four side adjustment screws. No two processors are absolutely identical - minimal differences in height and shape of the metal caps of today's CPUs have a significant influence on the cooling performance of a water cooler. In previous solutions for changing the cooler geometry, the CPU cooler had to be disassembled and then reassembled on the CPU, which was an enormous effort. The cuplex kryos NEXT VARIO makes adapting the cooler geometry child's play. During operation and at full processor load, the temperature of all cores can be monitored, while the cooler base is optimally adjusted using the four adjusting screws. Temperature changes provide immediate feedback on the change made, the optimal setting of the cooler base is quickly determined.

VISION: Integrated electronics
The VISION versions of the cuplex kryos NEXT are equipped with a microprocessor control and OLED graphic display. The main features include:

  • Water temperature measurement integrated in the cooler
  • Connection possibility for a flow sensor or alternatively alarm output
  • USB interface to the PC
  • aquabus interface for data exchange with an aquaero 5 or 6
  • Configurable display pages in the display
  • Display of various hardware data on the display using aquasuite software, e.g. B. Current processor load

An RGB LED for lighting is also integrated in the acrylic versions of the cuplex kryos NEXT with VISION, which can be controlled depending on the temperature or via USB.

Due to the limited space, a maximum of two connection cables can be routed into the cooler, possible combinations are therefore:

  • USB and aquabus
  • USB and flow measurement or alarm output
  • aquabus and flow measurement or alarm output

Material combination
Nickel / nickel: nickel-plated brass housing, nickel-plated cooler base

Technical specifications

  • Dimensions: 111 x 75 x 22 mm (screws not included)
  • Socket: AM4
  • Connection thread: G1 / 4
  • Distance connecting thread: 24 mm

Scope of Delivery

  • Assembled cooler
  • mounting kit (screws, springs, etc.)
  • Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut thermal paste, approx. 0.5 gram in syringe
  • plastic spatula
  • Assembly Instructions

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Material bottom plate: Kupfer vernickelt
Anschluss: 2x G1/4"
Material lid: Messing vernickelt
base: AMD AM4;
Dimensions (L x W x H): 111 x 75 x 22mm
Lochabstand [mm]: 24
Manufacturer: Aquatuning
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