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PUM Eheim 1046-790 230Volt Vollkeramiklagerung
Eheim 1046-790 230Volt full ceramic bearing
PUM Eheim compactON Pumpe 300 230 Volt
Eheim compactON Pump 300 230 Volt
PUM Eheim compactOn Pumpe 1000 230 Volt
Eheim compactON Pump 1000 230 Volt
PUM Eheim compactON Pumpe 600 230 Volt
Eheim compactON Pump 600 230 Volt
PUM Eheim 1262 230Volt Vollkeramiklagerung EOL
Eheim 1262 230Volt full ceramic bearing
RAK Durchlaufkühler Hailea Ultra Titan 300  (HC250=265Watt Kälteleistung)
waterchiller Hailea Ultra Titan 300...
RAK Durchlaufkühler Hailea Ultra Titan 500  (HC300=395Watt Kälteleistung)
waterchiller Hailea Ultra Titan 500...
RAKZ Armaflex AF-1 15mm ID, DSD 8mm (gegen Kondenswasser) 1m
Armaflex AF-1 15mm ID, DSD 8mm...
RAKZ Armaflex AF-1 SK 18mm ID, DSD 8mm (gegen Kondenswasser) 1m selbstklebend
Armaflex AF-1 SK 18mm ID, DSD 8mm...
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Aquaristic accessories

In the early days of computer water cooling, the primary water pump used was a PC from Eheim. These have proven themselves over many years in aquaristics: robust, long service life, quiet, practical and with a good price-performance ratio. The Eheim water pump PC from the aquarium accessories range is still available today in various designs for the different requirements of the customer. The compact Eheim compactOn is used as a submersible pump in the aquarium, while the Eheim 1046, Eheim 1048 or Eheim 1250 are installed as flow pumps outside the aquarium.

Aquarium accessories: Why do you need an air pump in the aquarium?

A well-set tank does not actually need a water pump in the aquarium. Nevertheless, a situation can arise, for example due to very long and hot summer days, in which this makes perfect sense. Air pumps from our aquaristic shop can easily be activated by a timer for a few hours a day. In this way, they supply the tank with additional oxygen. The fish and plants also benefit from this. It is highly recommended to measure the prevailing value at regular intervals. If the oxygen content is too low, the aquarium water pump from our online shop is switched on. By the way, aquaristic accessories are also very suitable for PC modding.

PC water pumps: Cooling and climate through aquarium accessories

Operators of terrariums or aquariums know about the sensitivity of the animals. Depending on the species, there is only a small, optimal temperature range in which the animals feel comfortable. Some species can even quickly die of heat exhaustion if the temperature limits are exceeded. If you don't want to torture your beloved aquarium inhabitants, you should therefore think about an appropriate climate control system for your aquarium in good time. There are basically two ways of doing this:

  1. Reduce the room temperature with air conditioning.

    This approach usually requires an expensive and elaborate room air-conditioning system for aquaristics. This is particularly difficult to implement in rented flats. If you own your own home, you will also want to consider the disfigurement of your house. In addition, the energy required to cool an entire room to the desired temperature is enormous. The high initial costs are offset by a low useful life in the hot summer months. The rest of the year, hardly anyone in our latitudes will need to cool their room for aquaristics.
  2. Reducing the local temperature in the aquarium or terrarium with aquarium accessories

    With a small cooling device from aquaristics, which only reduces the temperature locally at the desired location, it is possible to achieve the desired effect with relatively little money and effort. Continuous flow coolers (also called chillers) are used for optimal cooling. The Hailea chillers are units with a compressor that cool the water in a tank via a refrigeration circuit (like a refrigerator). The cooled water can then be transported from the flow-through cooler to its destination (aquarium or terrarium) using PC water pumps from our aquarium shop (please order separately, the aquarium water pump is not included in the flow-through cooler). There it releases its cold into the environment and flows back to the flow-through cooler. It can be adjusted to the desired temperature in 0.1 °C steps.

Aquarium accessories for the PC: flow-through coolers and computers

In fact, the Hailea flow-through coolers are also suitable for cooling water-cooled computers. This is particularly advantageous when overclocking or using powerful multi-SLI systems. Even in extreme ambient conditions, such as in southern countries, this additional cooling can make a useful contribution to the stable operation of the computer. To connect a flow-through cooler to a computer water cooling system, there are special adapters to the standard G1/4-inch threads. With the appropriate aquaristic accessories, an efficient heat exchange between the individual components (processor, graphics card, etc.) and the environment is achieved. You will find many suitable solutions for this in our aquaristic shop. Of course, we will also advise you if you need help. With our aquaristic accessories, we prevent your PC from suffering hardware damage due to excessive heat.

When is water cooling from aquaristics recommended?

Water cooling from aquaristics, for example through a water pump for the PC, is always recommended if you regularly work or play on the PC for a very long time. Because the reduced temperatures protect the important components, such as the CPU or the GPU. Summers are getting warmer and warmer, so it's only logical to equip your PC with the right aquarium accessories.

PC water pumps and other cooling devices for industrial applications

Like aquariums and computers, industrial systems also require special cooling. The continuous flow coolers by Hailea from our aquaristic shop, but especially the ice age by Alphacool are ideal for surviving even the harshest environmental conditions. Industrial halls in the manufacturing industry are usually exposed to an elevated base temperature, so electronic components are ideally cooled by a flow-through cooler.

Buy aquarium accessories at Aquatuning

If you buy aquarium accessories such as PC water pumps, you should do so at Aquatuning! As an aquaristic shop, we offer you advice in addition to a huge selection of various products and accessories. Our competent team of experts is available to you both for pre-purchase advice and in the event of support: by telephone on +49 (0) 5207 95846 140 or by e-mail to In addition, as an aquatics shop, we offer you a wide range of payment methods for your order for PC water pumps. In addition to the classic payment methods, such as PayPal, credit card or instant bank transfer, you can also buy your order from us on account. This way you can first convince yourself of the quality of the aquarium accessories before you pay for them. You can also benefit from the possibility of financing your order! Please do not hesitate to contact us. Once you have placed your order for your aquarium water pump, you can choose between different shipping methods, including express shipping. This way, the products will reach you even faster! Due to our large storage capacity, we can stock aquarium accessories such as PC water pumps and other products in larger quantities, which leads to shorter delivery times. Ordering from Aquatuning therefore offers you a wide variety of advantages: so buy aquarium accessories now!